COVID-19 Impacts on Antitrust and Enforcement

The updated Lex Mundi Global Competition Measures Report provides antitrust and enforcement updates in the wake of COVID-19, from more than 60 jurisdictions around the world. The report addresses the impact of the “new normal” business environment on merger review timelines, antitrust investigation and litigation, enforcement priorities, competitor collaborations, price gouging, misleading advertising, as well as additional government (federal, state, or provincial) initiatives applicable.

As enforcement regimes have adapted in a time of crisis, companies must remain aware of competition-related risks when rolling out new strategies or considering a restructuring or reorganization of their business.

In addition to the report, Lex Mundi has prepared a one-page “snapshot” that highlights the trends, actions and findings in the report.

To track new antitrust and enforcement updates across particular jurisdictions that match your geographic footprint in real-time, please contact Jenny Karlsson, Senior Manager, Global Markets.