Lex Mundi Global Foreign Investment Restrictions Guide

In today’s market, it has become more common for cross-border acquisitions and investments to trigger foreign investment restriction screening requirements. In the past 18 months, many jurisdictions have approved new screening regimes or revised pre-existing parameters. While some of these regimes may be eased in coming months, many will likely remain as the new normal.

The Lex Mundi Foreign Investment Restrictions Guide was developed to help in-house counsel understand, navigate & anticipate regime changes on the horizon in more than 55 jurisdictions around the world.

Specific questions and topics addressed include:

  • A short summary of jurisdictional foreign investment restrictions
  • Sectors subject to investment restrictions
  • Relevant thresholds and notifications
  • Grounds to block a foreign investment
  • Anticipated changes in the next 6 months

The guide draws on the expertise of our member firms from around the world. Its innovative format allows users to compare current information from multiple jurisdictions in a side-by-side customizable report.