Lex Mundi in Africa

With more than 500 lawyers on the ground in 16 African countries, Lex Mundi is your World Ready partner in Africa.

World Ready for Your Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

Driven by policy reforms, a young population and a rising middle class, Africa is undergoing an investment boom and is on pace to be one of the world’s largest economies by the middle of the century. This unprecedented growth presents immense opportunities across all sectors from traditional areas such as commodities and infrastructure to service industries--the latter already accounting for half of African GDP.

Whether you are entering African markets or seeking to expand across jurisdictions, a thorough understanding of emerging legal frameworks—both national and supranational—is a critical starting point. 

In the context of Africa’s multifaceted risk environment, business leaders are faced with the need to respond to an accelerating pace of competition while complying with increasing standards for corporate conduct and performance.  With a unique on-the-ground presence in eighteen countries and legal advisors experienced in doing business across the continent, Lex Mundi member firms offer an unparalleled network of expertise with deep local insight and a flexible, commercially-oriented approach to legal solutions. 

Indigenous Insight

Each Lex Mundi member firm is an expert in its jurisdiction and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of its respective markets—how those markets were developed, their peculiarities, their drivers and their rules and regulations. And, because member firms have extensive local industry expertise they are able to shape informed and innovative strategies for you in any key sector or industry.

Seamless Cross-Border Service

Expansion into African markets requires an understanding of the legal systems at work across the continent coupled with seamless cross-border legal service. Based on longstanding working relationships around the world and guided by Lex Mundi’s seamless service protocols, Lex Mundi member firms are able to assemble experienced client teams to deliver multijurisdictional solutions. These teams allow you to work with a single member law firm while benefiting from the broad, deep local expertise, know-how and connections of multiple Lex Mundi member firms.

Together Lex Mundi member firms provide extensive coverage and on-the-ground expertise anywhere your business needs to go in Africa.

For more information or to inquire about a matter, please contact Dan Himpson, Head of Global Markets and Strategy, Asia/Pacific.