Lex Mundi in Asia and the Pacific

With more than 4,000 lawyers on the ground in 20 Asia/Pacific countries, Lex Mundi member firms have experience working together to provide investors coordinated legal advice and service covering all relevant areas of commercial and financial law, including mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, antitrust and competition, compliance and tax.

Lex Mundi is World Ready for Your Opportunities and Challenges in Asia and the Pacific

The Asia/Pacific region comprises of 58 countries of varying political, economic and social development. With approximately 3.74 billion people, the region home to more than half the global population, with most nations being emerging market economies that have experienced rapid growth over the last two decades.

Given the diverse mix of societies, cultures and economies within the Asia/Pacific region, it is imperative that companies seeking to invest in the region have a thorough understanding of legal frameworks — both national and supranational. The rapid development strategies undertaken by governments in the region have also resulted in the creation of rising standards for corporate conduct and governance for each country. In this context, the ability to respond to the accelerating pace of competition requires not only deep insight about local conditions, but a flexible and innovative approach to negotiations.

Indigenous Insight

Each member firm is an expert in its jurisdiction and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of its respective markets — how those markets were developed, their peculiarities, their drivers and their rules and regulations. And, because member firms have extensive local industry expertise they are able to shape informed and innovative strategies for you in any key sector or industry.

Seamless Cross-Border Service

Broad expansion into key sectors in Asia and the Pacific requires seamless cross-border legal service coupled with an understanding of the legal systems at work across the continent. Guided by Lex Mundi’s seamless service protocols, member firms can assemble experienced client teams to deliver streamlined multijurisdictional solutions. These teams allow you to work with a single member law firm while benefiting from the broad, deep local expertise, know-how and connections of multiple Lex Mundi member firms.

Together Lex Mundi’s member firms provide extensive coverage and are committed to working together to provide on-the-ground expertise anywhere your business needs are within the Asia/Pacific region.

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