Colombia´s economy supports a population of 49 million people and is the third most populated country in Latin America. Presently the infrastructure and manufacturing industries are key to the growth dynamics of the country. The past few years have been decisive for infrastructure projects in Colombia. The so-called fourth generation of toll roads (4G), which comprises 42 projects aiming to build roads totaling approximately 8,000 kilometers (4.970 miles) long and requires investment of around USD 24.4 billion, is on the way. The country’s most important exports include: oil and gas, coffee and carbon.

Lex Mundi in Colombia

Lex Mundi provides coverage in Colombia through its member firm, Brigard & Urrutia. The firm provides legal advice and assistance in all relevant areas of business law and representation in a wide range of matters, including transactional, non-transactional, litigation and dispute resolution advice. All its partners and associates are fluent in at least one language other than Spanish and many of them are admitted to practice in foreign jurisdictions (most notably in the state of New York).

The firm has an extensive record serving a global clientele including industrial, commercial and service companies, banks and other financial institutions, private equity funds, insurance companies, as well as national and foreign government agencies and companies.

Representative Experience

  • Advised the French retailer Casino in the sale of a controlling stake in Grupo Pão de Açucar in Brazil and Libertad in Argentina ( USD 1.8 billion).
  • Advised Colombia Telecomunicaciones in the first hybrid bond issuance for USD 500 million made by a Colombian Issuer both in the local and in the international markets.
  • Advised Millicom International Cellular S.A. and its related companies in a cross-border merger of UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones and Millicom Spain Cable. The result of the transaction is the consolidation of the telecommunications business of both Millicom and EPM in Colombia.
  • Currently acts as local counsel to the lenders of the project Concesión Autopista Conexión Pacífico 2 toll-road project in the Republic of Colombia. The Project comprises the development, design, construction, improvement, operation, and maintenance of the toll-road and its ancillary facilities.
  • Advised Shikun & Binui Group Ltd. in its participation in the so called “Fourth Generation Concession Program”, where the client has been awarded a concession contract under the Public Private Partnership scheme by the Colombian National Infrastructure Agency for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Perimetral de Cundinamarca highway. It is important to mention that the financial closing of the project has been reached.
  • Assisted and represented the joint venture between CMI, Hemisphere, NTC and RTI in connection with its participation in the public bidding process by means of which the National Television Authority (NTVA), Colombian television regulator, awarded a concession agreement related to the use and exploitation of all the television timeslots of Canal Uno. This public tender is undoubtedly the most important public procurement process related to the television sector carried out in Colombia in the last thirteen years.

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