Peru is a representative democratic republic and is South America’s third largest country after Brazil and Argentina. It is a developing country with a high Human Development Index score. Its main economic activities include mining, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing.

The Peruvian population is estimated at 31.2 million of which more than 70% of lives in urban areas and the rest in rural ones. The principal economic activities in coastal areas are farming, agriculture, fishing, industry and tourism. In the Andes, mining, tourism, agriculture and electricity are the main ones. In the jungle, agriculture, oil drilling, tourism and timber are the principal activities.

Lex Mundi in Peru

Lex Mundi provides coverage in Peru through its member firm, Estudio Olaechea Law Firm. Estudio Olaechea as an independent full-service law firm dedicated to providing legal services to companies and individuals seeking the highest professional standards in Peru.

Representative Experience

  • Advised a Peruvian-Brazilian consortium in the transcontinental railroad project (from Peru to Brazil) for about USD 7 billion.
  • Advised a Korean leading company in a sanitary project in order to ensure water supply for at least 50% of a city with 10 million inhabitants.
  • Advised and represented HSBC Bank U.S.A, N.A. as security agent on the US$120 million credit facility granted to Peruvian mining company Volcan Compañía Minera S.A.A.
  • Assisted Transelec on a private bid to acquire transmission facilities from one of the major power generation companies in Peru. This project covered not only transactional assistance but also regulatory and legal-finance advice.
  • Advised Macquarie Capital in the acquisition of the 55% participation of Odebrecht in the Peruvian Southern Pipeline, a USD 7.5 billion project.

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