An Unrivaled Resource for Complex Cross-Border Challenges

Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms, delivering high-quality advice that is critical to solving complex cross-border challenges.

Our carefully 150+ vetted member firms uphold the highest service level standards while offering preferred access to more than 22,000 lawyers worldwide in 125+ jurisdictions. Supported by client-focused methods, innovative technologies, joint learning and training, member law firms collaborate across borders, industries and markets, to deliver integrated and efficient solutions focused on real business results for clients.

Why Choose to work with Lex Mundi Member Firms?

Quality Law Firms

Lex Mundi member firms are the most experienced and knowledgeable independent law firms in their jurisdictions. Each member firm provides you with indigenous insight, laser sharp market-specific focus and global connections to deliver exceptional legal work and superior client service through Lex Mundi Service Standards.

Global Reach

Lex Mundi connects you to more than 150 premier member firms spanning 125 countries and offices in more than 700 business centers around the world. With the power of Lex Mundi, you have access to local market expertise that is uniquely suited to match your global footprint.

High Value Advice

You can rely on the consistent quality and the local market expertise of Lex Mundi member firms around the globe to help you solve any legal challenge in a streamlined, predictable, efficient and cost-effective way.

Multijurisdictional Client Solutions

Lex Mundi is an unrivaled resource if you are seeking solutions for complex matters across multiple jurisdictions. We can assemble cross-border teams with the combined local expertise that you need to quickly address your opportunities and challenges.

Global Collaboration

Through close collaboration and use of common Lex Mundi Service Standards, flexible processes and digital workspaces, Lex Mundi members work together across the globe to provide coordinated advice for any of your legal challenges.

Rigorous Membership Standards

Lex Mundi has a rigorous selection and admission process for member firms. Firms are selected on the basis of maintaining top-tier, full service capability and first-in-class legal skills and client service. Member firms are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure quality, rankings, standing and service levels. If a firm does not meet our established criteria, membership is not renewed.

How Do I Work with Lex Mundi?

Contact a Member Firm Directly

Contact a member firm in a specific jurisdiction or a member firm lawyer with a specific practice capability.

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Contact Lex Mundi Directly

Ask Lex Mundi Staff about our member firms and how they can provide you with seamless coordinated legal services.

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Submit a Project Request Form

Submit a project request or an RFP to Lex Mundi to receive a prompt response to your inquiry or request for services.

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What About Social Responsibility?

At Lex Mundi we are committed to engaging with our global network of leading independent law firms to support and empower those working to bring about high impact and sustainable social change that improves communities and lives.

How is Lex Mundi Governed?

Guided by our board of directors and officers, the Lex Mundi network maintains its position as a global leader known for cutting-edge technology, practical resources and insightful thought leadership.