Quality of Service

Lex Mundi member firms commit to provide excellent service in accordance with these standards.

Adherence to Standards

Lex Mundi periodically and systematically reviews its member firms for continued adherence to our standards of excellence. Our member firms commit to periodic reevaluation of their personnel and service performance as a condition of continued membership in Lex Mundi.


Lex Mundi member firms understand that rapid response times are essential to client service. In recognition of this:

  • Lex Mundi member firm contact persons shall be available by telephone or email seven days a week or their telephone system or email replies shall offer alternative contacts who are available during periods when the contact persons cannot be available.
  • The first response to a request shall be made the next business day or sooner and shall establish a timetable for providing the information or advice requested.
  • Requests for assistance shall either be fulfilled, or the requester shall be given a viable alternative within the time period relevant to the request.

Client Service Platform

Lex Mundi member firms are focused on understanding the client’s desired business outcome, communicating continuously, and managing the project efficiently so as to deliver value to the client. Lex Mundi member firms will:

  • Learn from the client at the outset of each project the client’s desired business outcome, needs, expectations and limitations and then establish with the client the project scope and the most effective means of delivering value to the client.
  • Use a work management methodology that is appropriate for each project.
  • Discuss with the client material deviations from project scope or fee estimates as promptly as possible once the deviation becomes apparent.
  • Establish mechanism(s) - based on the client's preferences - for formal or informal status reports and feedback during and / or after a project.


Lex Mundi member firms will:

  • Employ software that supports the compatible exchange of files and data as generally used by the legal industry.
  • Make use of digital collaboration workspaces when multiple lawyers are working on a matter or matters over an extended time period.
  • Have technology (or other resources) to perform rapid-turnaround conflict checks.
  • Meet the Lex Mundi Cybersecurity Core Standards and make best efforts to implement the Cybersecurity Recommended Practices.
  • Have a business continuity plan which includes reestablishment of contact with lawyers and restoration of the firm's key data and systems.


Lex Mundi member firms will provide upon request:

  • Engagement letters.
  • Fee estimates and consider requests for alternative fee arrangements.
  • Detailed bills.
  • E-billing.
  • Coordinated billing so that the client has one place to access all the firms’ bills and basic data about them.


Lex Mundi member firms will provide:

  • Primary and backup lawyers (and, where appropriate, staff) on appropriate matters and avoid unnecessary personnel changes on referred matters.
  • Lawyers and staff fluent in written and spoken English, including English-speaking receptionists and operators during office hours, and voicemail with English language prompts.
  • An up-to-date and readily accessible list of firm personnel who speak and/or read languages in addition to the local language and English.


Lex Mundi member firms will promptly (i) address client concerns involving the service of their own firm; and (ii) communicate any relevant client concerns to the other Lex Mundi member firms.